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What Is BaaS Backend as a Service? Definition and Usage

Content Advantages of a Backend as a Service Frontend vs. Backend Get Started Company Why Do We Need Banking-as-a-Service? What can AI do to improve customer experience? How is BaaS evolving as a concept? Three emerging priorities for CMOs at banks With BaaS, adding location services, user management, push notifications and social network integrations into your app is far easier. Without BaaS, you’ll be juggling a bunch of complicated, unwieldy APIs instead. Each of our products offer APIs that are building blocks for platforms to combine in different [...]


How To Reduce Costs And Risk With It Asset Management Systems

Содержание How Information Gives You Competitive Advantage Provides More Customer Data Pull The Plug On Unused Services For More Technology Tips Creating Competitive Advantage Standardize Your It Infrastructure For Savings Cloud Computing Executing the first initiatives, often in the Reduce category, can help gain traction and gather important feedback for the rollout of more significant Replace and Rethink initiatives. And, of course, teams will need to ensure accountability for hitting targets. By gaining better control of everyday run costs, companies free up spending for growing the business. [...]